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  • DxWorld - My first program in visual basic. I added some other thing exept "hello world".
  • DxLucky - Feeling lucky? This program gives you three random numbers every time you click on 'spin'. There are also 2 counters, one counts how many sevens you got and the other how many 777s you got. If you get a 7 then an image of tales of legendia game appears.
  • Dx calculator - This is a very simple calculator.
  • Dx input - This program gives you a dialog box and asks you to ented your name. What you'll write there will appear on a message box and on the box.
  • Dx menu - Don't ask me what "pp" means, I don't remember. With this program you can see the date/time and also a picture. You can see a picture if you go to File>Open or press cntr+O.

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